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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the howard county executive met with the cabinet last night over what happened last weekend in one of the $1 million neighborhood. one man was shot dead and another seriously wounded and long list of questions. is it a home or a party house? that is just one of the questions of that ken norman has directed his staff to chase down after a shooting early sunday morning. >> the residents are outraged. i am outraged. no one should have this happen in their neighborhood. >> devin dixon and dean schroyer are charged in the case. they started firing of the house on sunday morning while at least 100 people partied on inside. nathaniel quick was found in the basement with ones that could leave him paralyzed. schroyer, seen here after being built up yesterday, is charged as an accessory. police say that he is the one who drove dixon from the scene.
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>> our second goal is to figure out what was going on in that house and to go after the person, the owners of that house. they'll love their home to be used to terrorize the neighborhood. >> the house was bought by the current owners in 2006, just shy of $1.6 million. state tax records listing the known as the owner's residence, but county officials want to know if anybody lives in the house. the also want to know if the owners organized the party and charge admission. far code violations and liquor law violations could be in play. it's looking at what laws may have been violated by somebody who had turned over their home into a nightclub. >> one of the honors in the house has filed for bankruptcy three times since january 2008. -- one of the owners of the house has filed for bankruptcy three times since january 2008.
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>> a juvenile court judge weighed in on the animal abuse case against two baltimore city brothers today. it was not a truck, but it could be a sign of what tremaine and travis johnson can face. we have an update on the case. >> the judge's ruling came late this afternoon. those teenaged twins will be tried as adults in the burning death of phoenix the pit bull back in may. the torture, mutilation, and the burning death of phoenix the pit bull was considered so horrible by a juvenile court judge. today, he ordered the felony case to be moved up to the adult court system. the judge called a tremendous threat to public safety with a total lack of awareness of what kind of damage a flaming dog could have caused. there was no comment from the
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twins' father who sat through the day-long pretrial motion where defense attorneys argued their clients would get rehabilitation in the juvenile system. the public defender argued his client has mental and physical health issues, including severe. depression, brain tumors, and he recently -- including severe depression, brain tumors, and he recently underwent brain surgery. but prosecutors painted them as a public safety risk and involved in gang activity. there is evidence that the boys kept pickle's where police found the dog feces and gang graffiti. the prosecutor told the judge that tremaine is associated with a gang known as the 1600 boys and that he bears tattoos related to that name. the new baltimore city task force was at today's proceeding. >> juveniles who commit this kind of crime are more likely to commit violent crime in the
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future. i think people are aware of that. that is what this case is so important. >> today, we learned that prosecutors plan to call a member of the new task force to testify at the trial when it starts. there will be experts who evaluated these defendants and found cause for concern. >> a baltimore county man has been charged in the death of his girlfriend's infant son. authorities said that brian maurice severed faces murder charges. he told police that he had been roughhousing with the baby while babysitting. he is being held at the baltimore county detention center without bail >. >> mary m. frankel died the day after she was hit by a pickup truck near the hopkins campus. they are not hurt but in a moral service.
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the driver has been charged with offenses. but he has not been charged with her death. today is election day for some maryland residences. voters are heading to the polls to choose a new mayor. election officials said that voter turnout has been low. >> turnout has been low, as expected, here in annapolis. three candidates are vying to replace allen moyer as the annapolis mayor. >> i got up early, got into rush-hour starting at 7:00 a.m. >> it has been sporadic depending on where you go. >> he has been with the [unintelligible] he is running as the republican nominee for mayor. he is facing chris fox and josh cullen. >> annapolis is a need to town politically because people are
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plugged in. people know what is going on. it really is one the community. i have talked with people who have worked on campaigns all over the state. but annapolis is unique because families have been here generations where the county seat and the state capitol -- people really know what is going on. kwikset think people are getting the message and see in the -- >> i think people are getting the message and seeing the difference between the candidates. >> city finances are the key issue in this election to request people are very concerned. i am very concerned about some of the management and mistakes at city hall. annapolis is a small town. it is a beautiful town. by the same token, our city government has an $86 million budget. we have to do things more efficiently for taxpayers. >> we will be facing a lot of fiscal issues, things that will be harder to pay for. we will emelia million to working on the budget because that is the most important
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thing. -- we will immediately go into working on the budget because that is the most important thing. >> turn that has been 20%. they are expecting an evening rush. the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. >> political observers say that several key races around the country could be considered a test the present obama's political lot. >> a lot of the attention is focused on virginia, which is now considered a swing state, and on new jersey, where a republican may or may not unseat a democrat in the governor's race. president obama has worked hard to keep virginia and new jersey in the democratic column. the outcome of gubernatorial races in those states may be a reflection on the president. >> if he spots virginia and new jersey, he is fine. but if he loses both of them,
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that could slow down his momentum for his agenda. >> for the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> in virginia, the president campaigned and helped raise money for creeds. >> i just felt that mcdonald's is too conservative. >> but polls show that voters were leaning toward mcdonald. >> i think he would have lower taxes. >> president obama also spent time campaigning for the new jersey democratic gov. jon corzine who is fighting to hold onto his seat. and lost their would be viewed as a suspect for the democratic -- a loss there would be viewed as a setback for the democratic party. [unintelligible] >> i will let people look into their crystal balls and figure
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out what all of this stuff means for the future. >> some analysts are instead looking ahead to the midterm election of 2010, where they say much more is at stake for both parties. >> we have breaking news. captain roy is up in the air over west baltimore. >> we understand a 20-year-old male has been shot. mrs. west fayette and carried/-- this is west fayette and carru/ this vehicle has crashed into a parked vehicle. they have requested the city helicopter to help in the search. they have also called for the crime lab. as we get more information, we will update. >> the baltimore business
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journal says that colombo bank, which is rich in little italy, is under tight supervision by federal regulators. it entered an agreement with the office of thrift supervision. the bank was given 30 days to develop a written plan for boosting its management network. and also had 60 days to submit a business plan for improving operations. >> thousand based black and decker is merging with its rival, stanley works. it will create the largest tool- maker in the world. it involves setting up the combined headquarters in connecticut, which means redundant jobs anin townsend would be cut. economists say that would be a big hit to the local economy. >> i think that the impact will be larger than people think. we are not talking about any 250 jobs. we're talking about 250 highly compensated jobs. >> each company's board of
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directors have signed off on the deal. but it must tell when regulatory and shareholder approval. it is expected to close in the first half of 2010. students at two local high schools receive their protection from the swine flu virus. >> fighting hunger in maryland, that story is coming up. >> the ravens and the bengals, take too. >> a cold front is moving through and there is a drop in temperatures a couple of times in the next couple of days. there may be a couple snow showers to the west. right now, we're holding in the 60's. 60's.
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vaccine is today. clinics were held at howard at reservoir hill high school's. health officials say that these clinics are two of many that will be held at county schools in coming months. they say more will be scheduled as the vaccine becomes available. >> election bid for the spouses of many elected officials is a day watching the returns and a day of stress. >> this election day is a little bit different. it was a day of service. >> it was a different kind of event today where many of the spouses of maryland's elected officials -- is called elect to end hunger. >> sometimes you feel like, i can make a difference. we can. when we leave today, we will have 4000 boxes packed with food and everyone will get sued picker to volunteers came to the maryland food bank to -- will
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get food. >> today, volunteers came to the maryland food bank. she was not the only spouse of an elected official here today progress probably one of the most important thing we can do, as the president and mrs. obama has said is that we can go and help our communities. >> duty to help others. that is why we are here. the call came from mrs. obama at the national level. we will take this to the maryland level and then take it to the cities and municipalities in maryland. >> volunteers from bank of america, married, t rowe price, and the u.s. navy did their price to help out in these hard economic times. -- did their part to help out in these hard economic times. >> that is the message we have, to just pitch in when you can.
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it is the rare occurrence when a cold front moved through baltimore and does not produce any noticeable weather. that is what we have happened today. it is a very dry atmosphere. they're just a few clouds preferments of the day, we were on the warm side of the cold front. heist a hit the low-to-mid 60's. -- the high hit the low-to-mid 60's. there you see that little band of clouds associated with the front. they are barely noticeable now. there is some colder coming in across the lakes, helping to produce some lake-enhanced airiness.
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it is down to 49 degrees and harris tempered mcenry has dropped to 41 degrees. we have frost advisory is out on no. baltimore county, howard, frederick, washington county. there is a freeze warning along the shore locations. temperatures will drop to near the freezing point in many of the outlying northwest suburbs. it will be closer to 39 degrees downtown and along the shore of the bay. by afternoon, this vast area movinof moving low pressure to develop some light showers. so there could be a light frosty morning. there will be scattered showers in the evening. western maryland will be colder and could have a few snow showers tomorrow and especially on thursday morning. so those flurries could make it as
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far as hagerstown. we will just have to see how strong the push of coal there is. friday, while -- push of cold there is. friday, we could have some buffeting cold wind. highs will be in the 50's tomorrow. there was a chance for a shower in the evening. it will be colder on thursday, probably staying in the 30's in the mountains on thursday. around the bay, there will be scattered showers toward evening with partly cloudy skies. it looks like the daylight hours will be dry in ocean city. on the bay, the wind will be to the northwest. it will be variable in direction. the seven-day forecast, highs will be in the upper-40's on thursday. there will be gusty wind on friday.
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the weekend is still looking good. there will be a little bit of a warming trend with temperatures getting back into the low-60's. >> we're with you from ravens training camp where they have already turned their attention to the sunday matchup with the cincinnati bengals. many consider this to be their worst game so far. they have a shot to make up on sunday. last sunday, the ravens held the denver broncos with a sensational defensive promotion. >> our guys are excited. we will have a really effective offense. august, a first-place team with a great quarterback -- all become a first-place team with a great quarterback presents a
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challenge for us. it is on to be a 3.5 hours game. -- it is going to be a 3.5 hours game. the terps have a 2-6 record. it is not about salvaging the season. it is above avoiding a disastrous season. >> i am tired of losing. there is a pretty big sense of urgency right now. it is something that i have been talking to our players about. >> the world series goes back to new york for game 6 tomorrow night. if the philadelphia phillies can manage to pull out a second world series victory two years in a row, it looks like chase utley will wrap up the mvp. last month, he put the first run
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on the board. in the seventh inning, it was him again, his fifth home run, a one-run shot. for chase utley, that is five home runs. he ties with reggie jackson. he still lives on have time to reflect on history. >> [unintelligible] it takes a little pressure off of everybody. even forklifts, even though it doesn't look like he gets rattled very much. -- even for cliff, and even though he does not look like he gets rattled very much. >> we will be back with the seven-day forecast after this. - five dollars for a sub! - but no drink? no chips?
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>> let's check the forecast. it is going down on the thermometer. it will drop 10 degrees tomorrow. we are in the 60's today. it will be in the 50's tomorrow. it will be in the upper-40's on thursday. there will be some frost in the outlying suburbs tonight. the mountains could pick up some snow showers. there will be windy conditions on friday. there will be a lot of sunshine expected friday and saturday. there will be a warming trend
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